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What is HIIT?

"HIIT" stands for High Intensity Interval Training.  It's a method in which you alternate between bursts of high intensity, all out exercise and medium intensity recovery movement. 


Using fun, energizing music such as "Hooked On Classics", we'll alternate between simple, yet vigorous exercises such as jumping jacks for 30 to 45 seconds and lower intensity, light running in place

or similar for the next 30 to 45 seconds.  During the high intensity portions, you should be working at 80 to 95% of your maximum heart rate. During the recovery segments, you should be working at 60 to 75% of it.  Students will be encouraged to modify the exercises to meet their own fitness level, such as lowering the intensity of their movements as necessary. 

Strength and Toning

During some of the recovery segments, we'll work on strength and toning.  For example, we may get on the floor and hold what's called a plank for 30 seconds, while cheering each other on! 

HIIT's Many Health Benefits!


Improve aerobic fitness

Improve aerobic fitness



                              *   EPOC, also called afterburn, 

                                 alone has many benefits, but for

                              us, it especially means we

                           continue to burn calories long

                        after the workout is over!




Improve mitochondria function

Improve mitochondria function

 HIIT improves our body's

    ability to create energy! 


      According to


         "HIIT is said to improve the

             function of the mitochondria 

                in your cells  . . . so they get 

                  better  at converting oxygen 

                     and nutrients into fuel for

                       your muscles."                                                                          








                                   HIIT Workouts:   

                               Major Health Benefits 

                    Plus Sample Workout Plans


                     Dr. Axe explains in detail each

                        of these 6 benefits:


                    1.   Improves Type 2 Diabetes

                2.   Boosts cardiovascular health

             3.   Triggers an Excess Post-

                  Exercise Oxygen (EPOC) Effect *

        4.   Releases muscle growth and

             fat-burning hormones

   5.   Anti-aging

6.   Helps balance hormones 

       ( 3 Key ones )


  "Why HIIT is Good for Losing 

        Weight and Burning Fat"

              (and much more!)



            1.  Burns calories faster

              2.  Enhances endurance

                3.  Improves blood vessel


                     4.    Promotes blood sugar mgmt.

                        5 .  Decreases resting heart rate

                                  and blood pressure

                             6.   Undoes age-related muscle


Lose weight

Lose weight

                    7.  Benefits brain function

                        8.  Lessens anxiety and


                                Note that the last two

                                   benefit our brains!


                                                     why- hiit-is-good-for-burning-fat-

                                                        and- losing-weight

Improve brain neuroplasticity

Improve brain neuroplasticity
Improve brain neuroplasticity


                                   To be more specific about how     

                               HIIT benefits our brains, an

                            article in stated:


                         "New research finds that

                 workout routines with

              bursts of intensity followed

            by short periods of rest

         have a positive effect on the

       brain’s neuroplasticity".



      "This Type of Training

  Permanently Improves Bone

            Strength At Any Age"


            "Beck's team conducted a study of

               100 women where half did high-

                  intensity training and half did lower

                     intensity training. Within a few

                        months, the high-intensity group

                          saw improvements in bone density,

                             whereas the lower intensity 

                               group saw none."

Improve bone density

Improve bone density

"Remarkably, a follow up with

    participants six years later revealed

      that the people in the high-impact

         group had maintained their bone

           density gains, even if they'd stopped

              with the high-impact exercise.


                  This means that the benefits of HIIT

                     are long-lasting."




Get off couch, walk then run!

Bottom line,    HIIT IS AMAZING!

Get fit!
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