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To all former students and parents during 1999 - 2000:

I'm so sorry you weren't informed that we weren't reopening in the fall.  Not having announced it is the biggest regret of my life.   Looking back, I don't remember all of my reasoning in making that decision, but I do know that my and other people's emotions played a large role because my not teaching anymore meant the school would close.  (My sister Ruthie was only teaching part-time and wasn't interested in taking over the school.)  

I know I decided to stop because my husband and I both wanted me to be as much of a full-time mom as possible.  I must have considered only teaching part-time, but I still would have had to run the business and do my class planning, which always took me a while and I could never speed up!  So I just couldn't see this working for me.  (Believe me, I really wish I could have done it!)

But despite that logic, I think we kept quiet because I just couldn't bring myself to close the door on the school.  I must have kept hoping a miracle would happen, like having two of me!  Unfortunately, because of that, we sacrificed having the final recital being more celebratory and "going out with a bang".  I don't think we had the extra time and energy to pull that off, but that could have been great!

So again, I'm really sorry to have just left you all hanging.  But I'm really happy to be reuniting with you now!  If I haven't spoken to you yet, please send me an email and say hi!  (    Thanks!


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